Social Responsibility

Desert Solar Power is committed to the advancement of the markets we are operating in through our business practices. It develops, builds, operates, and owns renewable energy plants that generate cost-effective, clean and reliable electricity. We work along our core principles:

Supporting the development of renewable energy projects is essential in order to tackle climate change and we are glad to be part of this process by having our core focus in this area. Furthermore, by operating in markets where such projects are not yet largely introduced and that are today often depended on conventional energy sources and energy imports, we make sure to implement projects that are both beneficial to the community and the future development of the country. In order to be able to follow this aim, we make sure to establish close relationships with local communities, inhabitants, and partners in the countries we operate in. We believe that with our investment in local communities, we can pursue our goals and give our best to create long-term value for our stakeholders.